Video: A minor’s sexy selfie grabbed from FB makes it to a Manila beerhouse tarpaulin

(Photo Credit: Screen grabbed from GMA's Unang Balita news)

“Caution is advised to those who post sexy selfies on social media, as photo grabbing is difficult to control.”  This is the advice of police authorities following a minor’s complaint that her selfie photo was used in a tarpaulin to attract customers to a Sta. Cruz, Manila beerhouse.

Clarisse (not her real name), was in shock when she was informed by a friend that a photo of hers was on a tarpaulin outside a beerhouse in Sta. Cruz, Manila to entice customers to come in.

To prove it, her friend apparently took a photo of the tarpaulin and showed it to her.

When the young girl showed the photographed tarpaulin to GMA News, there was no doubt it was her; together with five other girls.

The mother of Clarisse confirmed the a***e committed against her daughter and personally did a surveillance on the manager of the beerhouse before she proceeded to the Manila City Hall to report the offense to the proper authorities.

“Kasi kahihiyan ng anak ko ‘yun. Hindi naman po nagtatrabaho ang anak ko doon eh.  Talagang napakalaking kahihiyan…”  (It’s a shameful thing, because my daughter does not work there.  Such a shameful thing…)

Clarisse acknowledged knowing one of the girls in the controversial tarpaulin and has convinced her to file charges, too, against the club manager who has admitted to using the girls’ photos without their permission to entice customers to come in to their club.

The manager of the beerhouse now faces  violation of Republic Act 7610, otherwise known as Anti-child a***e law.

The manager of the beerhouse (Photo Credit:  Unang Balita, GA)
The manager of the beerhouse (Photo Credit: Unang Balita, GA)

The police hereby reminds everyone to practice caution in posting sexy pictures on social media, and to check their privacy settings and avoid adding people whom they do not trust on social media.

Watch the news video from Unang Balita anchored by Rhea Santos and Arnold Clavio.

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