Video: Watch Korean stars of ‘Real Men’ talk in Tagalog, not dubbed

Korean soap operas and their stars have become so popular in Filipino culture; so much that all local TV networks are showing various Korean shows at any given season. These soap operas and drama shows are dubbed in Tagalog, allowing Pinoys to understand the dialogs among the Korean stars.

So, imagine how surprising (and funny) it would be if  Korean stars will do some real talk in Tagalog; not dubbed at all.

Volunteer work at Yolanda-ravaged Leyte

You’ll be surprised with the reason why they were talking in Tagalog. Actually, the cast of Real Men had gone to Tacloban, Leyte, last May, to film a special challenge with the South Korean military volunteers Araw Contingent who were deployed to help in the Typhoon Yolanda rescue and recovery efforts since December 2013.

The episode turned extra special for Filipinos. Not only was part of it in Tagalog, but it was also filmed on Philippine soil. Some of the stars who visited Tacloban included Henry Lau, Chun Jung Myung, K.Will, Park Gun Hyung, Sam Hammington, Park Hyung Shik, Seo Kyung Suk, and Kim Su Ro.

In one of the scenes in the latest episode of Real Men, the South Korean stars were tasked to learn how to speak Tagalog. They had to read out dialogs from popular Korean dramas, Endless Love (Autumn Tales) and Dae Jang Geum, which were dubbed in Tagalog when these aired in the Philippines.

Screenshot from the YouTube video
Screenshot from the YouTube video

In the video posted below, they were practicing, amid lots of laughter, the following Tagalog words and phrases:

“Mahal?” (“Love?”, an endearment)

“Huwag ka nang magsalita pa. Binibili kita ng pera. Magkano ba?” (Don’t talk, anymore. I am buying you. So, how much is it?) Alright, this one was grammatically wrong. Despite not knowing what it meant, this also elicited the funniest response from the South Korean stars.

“Magkano ba ang ibibigay mo?” (How much are you going to give?)

The episode wasn’t just about the stars joking around in Tagalog. It also aired more serious tones, such as cast members like Henry relating to viewers what they had experienced in Tacloban, including heartbreaking stories they heard from the survivors.

The Korean stars were also directed to declare their goals, with the answers to be given in serious and military-style to impress the Araw Contingent officer they are reporting to. This portion was intended to be funny, but Henry told the officer that his goal was to eat some mango and help the Filipino people.

The cast also helped rebuild classrooms in Mohon Elementary School in Tanauan, Leyte.