Viral video of racist beating ‘Chinese guy’ on Barcelona metro

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A racist video of a blonde man beating up a Mongolian-born Spaniard he apparently thought was Chinese on the Barcelona metro has gone viral after it was uploaded Sunday.

The Spanish police have a******d the aggressor, a teenager who’s allegedly Russian, suspected of beating up another man inside a Barcelona metro train for what’s been deemed a “racially-motivated attack.”

The victim, a 25-year-old Mongolian man who lives in Spain, filed a complaint with police on Sunday.

The 56-second video shows the blonde guy, dressed in a black T-shirt and jeans and whose face is pixellated, repeatedly punching the seated man before other passengers intervened. Someone must have opened the door of the door for the poor guy to escape further attack.

The incident apparently took place late Saturday and was reportedly first posted on Sunday to a Twitter account which contained Nazi symbols and the slogan: “Always a patriot, white Europe”.

The owner of the account, whose profile picture displays a shaved head and his mouth covered by a bandana, tweeted that he had filmed his friend carrying out the attack on his mobile phone.

In a statement the police disclosed they had detained the young man suspected of carrying out the beating and charged two others, including another minor, who acted as accomplices.

The video, which was repeatedly played on Spanish television stations and viewed almost a million times on YouTube, sparked outrage from anti-racism campaigners and government officials.

“We want to make it clear that attitudes like this are not acceptable in our city,” Barcelona city hall said in a statement.

The racist video:

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