5 not-so-popular Philippines provinces you should visit

Photo credit: Traveling Morion/Jeffrey Rilles

During vacations, people are bound to choose the popular spots in the country such as Boracay, Baguio, Tagaytay, Batangas, Palawan, Camiguin, and various places and provinces whose names often crop up when you think of  “vacation”.

The Philippines has wealth of natural resources and beautiful attractions, but many of them remain undeveloped or unknown to most of the public.

At looloo insights, Toni Alvarez lists the 5 Provinces in the Philippines You’ve Probably Ignored But Should Visit.

According to Alvarez, these are just 5 of the country’s 81 provinces that get less attention than the others, yet offer a wealth of attractions and awesome places to visit.

Tinuy-an Falls Photo credit: Jeffrey Riles/Traveling Morion
Tinuy-an Falls
Photo credit: Jeffrey Rilles/Traveling Morion

The first on the list is Surigao del Sur, with its stunning sites.  Did you know we have our own version of the Niagara Falls?  The Tinuy-an Falls is definitely much smaller, but this 3-level falls is the widest in the country.  One of its unique features is the appearance of a rainbow beneath the falls, every morning.

The Enchanted River Photo credit: Jeffrey Riles/Traveling Morion
The Enchanted River
Photo credit: Jeffrey Rilles/Traveling Morion

The Enchanted River also makes the province a must-visit. The river is gaining lots of publicity these past years; especially because it is shrouded with mystery.  It allegedly has an unknown depth, leads to a mysterious cave no one has fully explored, and has salty waters, according to an article on Traveling Morion.

Next up on the list is Antique for its whitewater kayaking and Bugtong-Bato Falls.  Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be inside a giant pan?  Then you can try the Kawa Hot Bath, highly recommended by Alvarez.

Photo credit: Melo Villareal/looloo insights
Photo credit: Melo Villareal/looloo insights

Scary Capiz is next, with its tales of witchcraft and various mythical creatures.  A visit to Capiz will change your mind, proving the folklores wrong, said Alvarez.  The province has a wealth of attractions and fun activities, such as river cruises.  Fresh seafood are also said to be quite cheap there.

The small island of Marinduque is great for nature lovers, with its Mt. Matindig and Bathala Caves to explore.  This green island is a sight to behold, and is also perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Another mysterious island, Siquijor, is known for tales of witchcraft and scary creatures, but its natural beauty appeals to nature lovers and adventure seekers.  Alvarez also shared a photo of the 400-year-old balete tree – take a picture in front of the tree, if you dare.

Our country truly has lots of beautiful places, many of which are still unknown to many or are just overlooked.  There are still many other provinces that are often ignored by travelers, but are truly fun to explore.

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