Another “Good Samaritan” Pinay in US commended for returning lost wallet

Photo Credit: WTKR's screenshot

VIRGINIA, USA – A Pinay is honored by a local television network in Virginia after she returned a lost wallet to a university professor.

Although the money may have been gone and was not returned to Dr. Carol J. Pretlow, what was important to her are the memories inside her purse, which was returned for her to keep.

Those memories inside Pretlow’s purse were enough to reward the Filipina who returned the purse she lost while commuting.

Marsha delos Santos-Brunswick, who used to work as call-center agent in the Philippines, returned the Norfolk State University professor’s purse after it was stolen during her commute at a train station.

Photo Credit: WTKR's screenshot
Photo Credit: WTKR’s screenshot

According to a report on WTKR, Brunswick didn’t want anything in return, and even had to be convinced to accept a nominal reward for her good deed.

“I was contacted by a wonderful woman who returned my purse. She didn’t want to accept the minimal award I offered her. She actually had to be convinced to accept it,” Pretlow shared on “People Taking Action” segment of WTKR.

Reports said that Brunswick found the purse discarded near the station, she started searching through the bag for information until she found some IDs. According to report, Brunswick started searching the internet from the information on the ID found in the purse, and even commented on NSU’s Facebook page to ask how she may contact Pretlow.

Pretlow contacted WTKR to feature the woman who returned her purse, and took the opportunity to surprise Brunswick and give recognition for her good deed.

“You don’t know how much that meant to me. My dad’s picture was in there. That was the only picture I could carry around, and I call my parents my angel spirits, so that spirit meant something to me,” Pretlow said.

Aside from a free lunch, Brunswick received a “People Taking Action” award from the similarly-named segment and a $100 Visa gift card from the community sponsor Southern Bank.