Chinese gang forces school-aged children to donate blood

Gang forces Chinese children to donate blood

At least 8 Chinese children, 10 to 16 years old, were allegedly forced by a gang to donate blood in a scam involving the largest producers of blood products in China, the Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products based in the city of Wuwei, reports Australia Network News.

The report also stated that, so far, seven people were a******d in connection with the scam.

According to a report on the official Xinhua news agency relayed by Australia Network News, the deputy chief of the blood center was among those a******d by the police; the remaining men were believed to be jobless.

The scammers created fake identification cards to make the children pretend to be adults; the legal age for blood donor is between 18 and 55. Because they were in league with the deputy chief, no one questioned why the blood donors look smaller or younger than 18.

A report on InterAksyon also mentioned that the suspects were allegedly earning as much as 6,250 yuan ($1,000) in the scam.  The deputy chief was not just driven by money, but was under pressure because of the company’s need to increase the number of donors, he said in an interview with police officers.

Gang forces Chinese children to donate blood
Photo credit: ABC News

According to a report on Australia Network News, a propaganda official of the Wuwei police, Li Yongming, was quoted by China National Radio as saying there is a possibility the gang will not stop the scam, despite some of its members already apprehended by the police.

He also said the “reward” earned by the scammers could increase, which could lead to more children being forced by the gang to donate blood.

The report on Australia Network News also mentioned that the gang would beat up the children, forcing them to donate their blood at least once a month.  The scam has been on-going for at least seven months before one of the children summoned the courage to tell his parents, leading to the arrest of the suspects involved in the scam.