Mentally disturbed mother slashes own child’s wrists, hangs herself

Photo Credit: Visayan Daily Star

BACOLOD CITY, Philippines – Staff of a local pension house in Bacolod City were treated to a gruesome spectacle when they found the lifeless bodies of a woman and her 3-year-old daughter inside their room Friday noon.

The child was lying in her own pool of blood in bed. Both of her wrists had been slashed.

The body of the mother was discovered in the bathroom area hanging from the shower curtain rod with a nylon rope. Her mouth had been stuffed with a towel.

Photo Credit: Panay News
Photo Credit: Panay News

The two were later identified by relatives as Lea Cañete, 34, and Hannah Kate from Murcia town in eastern Negros Occidental.

Her mother said that Lea had been suffering from nervous breakdown and personal problems for six months before the incident. A week before, she had also complained of frequent headaches and insomnia, the mother added.

Based on initial reports by authorities, Lea travelled with her daughter to Bacolod City on Thursday to pick up P3, 000 from her security guard husband who had sent it from Cavite. Afterwards, mother and daughter checked in at Bacolod Pension at around 6:40 PM.

According to some staff, they allegedly heard the child cry at 9 PM. When the pair failed to check out the next day, a room boy identified as Froilan opened their room and discovered them dead.

A razor blade believed to have been used by Lea on her child was recovered from the scene while no suicide note was found.

Although authorities said that suicide is the main angle, they will conduct a thorough investigation to find out if foul play was involved.

The bodies of the mother and child will be subjected to an autopsy to determine their deaths, while the pension house’s CCTV footage will be reviewed to determine whether anyone else had been with the victims shortly before the incident.