#MRTChallenge- – -Netizens challenge to govt officials

MANILA, Philippines – Much has been publicized on the Metro Rail Transit’s (MRT) condition, plight, glitches and other related stuffs. But, one thing certain as commuters can attest is that–taking the MRT is indeed a big challenge.

This has brought netizens’ idea to challenge high-ranking government officials to  go through the complete MRT experience which include falling in line for hours, traveling on congested coaches, taking trips prone to interruptions and technical glitches.

Dubbed #MRTChallenge, it would be so exciting to see the president, the vice president, senators and other government officials to share the same experience as ordinary commuters face everyday, netizens stated.

MRT commuters during rush hours.
MRT commuters during rush hours.

Some netizens commented, “instead of taking #IceBucketChallenge,  government officials should do the #MRTChallenge to know if they can withstand or pass it victoriously.”

Coming in the heels of a series of mishaps,  Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio “Jun” Abaya and Senator Grace Poe recently took the mass transit, a day after the other, to see and experience for themselves what kind of ordeal the ordinary commuters face on a daily routine.

What the two officials did gave birth to the #MRTChallenge which calls on other officials to follow suit.

Netizens named their nominees. And they don’t want the officials to simply take the train.They require the officials to join the MRT3 morning rush hour crowd with no media coverage or security entourage.

Favorite nominees of netizens include President Benigno Aquino III, Vice President Jejomar Binay, Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano, and Senator Miriam Santiago.

One netizen commented, ” if our leaders are really sincere to serve the Filipino people then they should prove it by taking the #MRTChallenge.”

Some netizens also voted for the Estradas and the Binays to do the challenge.

Netizens earlier rated Abaya and Poe as to who among them successfully hurdled the challenge.

Poe, by herself, rode the MRT at 8:20 a.m. on a Friday which is the height of rush hour, while Abaya went on board around 1 p.m. during the off-peak hours.

As rated by netizens, Poe did better in the challenge.