“Nagwawala” – Actor Archie Alemania “runs amok” at a fastfood chain

MANILA, Philippines – Actor-comedian Archie Alemania has reportedly caused a scene in one of the fastfood chains along Commonwealth Ave. corner Mindanao Avenue in Quezon City in the early morning of Sunday.

Initial information about Alemania reportedly mauled at the restaurant turned out to be false, according to “The Buzz” report by host Boy Abunda.

It was revealed the actor himself caused the commotion during the branch opening of the fastfood chain, but the management and staff declined to make a statement on the incident.

However, witnesses said Alemania arrived at the restaurant shortly before midnight, naked to the waist with only his pants on and barefooted. His body was reportedly also covered in mud.

The actor then forcibly entered the restaurant’s kitchen asking for help because someone is supposedly after him and wanted to kill him, but refused to identify his alleged attackers.

Alemania also called for a TV crew and his handlers from ABS-CBN’s Star Magic.

Hours before Alemania’s unexplained panic, he posted on Instagram a picture of himself and reporter ABS-CBN George Carino with the caption: Interview with George Carino of ABS-CBN News just in case something leaked out or something bad happens to me. I know the perpetraitor (sic) their operation and their accomplices.

The post was accompanied with the hashtags #insurancelang, #themanontheelevator and #dontwanttrouble.

Meanwhile, the restaurant management reportedly called the police to assist Alemania.

Responding authorities then brought the comedian to the Quezon City General Hospital in handcuffs for a medical examination, but Alemania allegedly refused to sign the result from the medico legal.

Actor Archie Alemania

According to “The Buzz”, hospital logbook showed Alemania stayed from 12:15 am until 2:10 am and was brought in because he was “nagwawala” (running amok) for unexplained reasons.

The restaurant’s blotter at QC Police Station 5 in Fairview also confirmed Alemania caused public alarm and scandal when he entered their kitchen while shouting on top of his voice which prompted the guards to call the police and arrest the actor.

The fastfood chain and Alemania had since reached an amicable settlement over the incident and no case will be filed against the actor.

It was not immediately known what drove Alemania to “run amok”, but there are speculations it has something to do with the recent break-up from year-long girlfriend, Krista Jareno.

But Jareno declined to make a statement to “The Buzz” until everything has been cleared.

Archie Alemania was last seen in ABS-CBN’s teleserye Annaliza and Maria Mercedez. He was also known for his past relationship with erstwhile partner, actress Mickey Ferriols.