NBI arrests mother for using her 10-year-old daughter in ‘live shows’

EXCERPTS from a chat exchange between the suspect and a foreign client. (Photo credit: Inquirer)

MANILA, Philippines – A mother was caught in the act by the NBI while making her 10-year-old daughter perform pornographic acts, in a cyber-s*x den located in Taguig City, Wednesday.

The National Bureau of Investigation together with the Interagency Council against Trafficking and the US Homeland Security Office joined forces when they launched an operation against the cyber-s*x den in Barangay Urusan, Taguig City.

Cybersex Den (Photo credit: Solar News)
Cybersex Den (Photo credit: Solar News)

Raiders from the US Homeland Security used a mobile phone to chat with the  suspects and pretended to be ‘clients.’ A woman on the other end asked them if they wanted a show, and soon after, they received a live feed of a video showing a completely naked young girl dancing.

The NBI went to raid the house immediately and found the video on the woman’s computer. Police also found an album full of children’s photos, a box of receipts  for remittances and money, and a s*x toy still inside a washing machine.

By the time the raiders reached the den, the victim, a 10-year-old girl was all dressed up, wearing a school uniform and preparing to go to school. She is allegedly the daughter of the suspect.

According to Inquirer reports, the suspect admitted to the crime, saying she needed the money to improve their living condition. She also revealed that aside from her daughter, other girls in their neighborhood agreed to perform for money.

“They do not want me. My clients want young girls so I asked my daughter to do the show,” a 37-year-old mother told the Inquirer.

The authorities found out that the woman was charging her clients between US$30 and US$100.

As payment for agreeing to engage in cybersex, the mother said she would bring her daughter to a popular fast food. The other girls settled for P500 as their fee from foreign pedophiles.

Eric Nuqui, head of the National Bureau of Investigation’s human trafficking division, said the mother would be charged with violating Republic Act No. 9208, or the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003; Republic Act No. 9775, or the Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009; Republic Act No. 7610, or the Special Protection of Children Against A***e, Exploitation and Discrimination Act, and grave scandal in relation to the Electronic Commerce Act. 


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