Suspect to Bulacan robbery-r**e-carjacking case shot d**d

Suspect to Bulacan robbery-rape-carjacking was shot dead

A tricycle driver believed to be one of the men who robbed, raped, then took off with their victim’s Honda Civic car in San Rafael, Bulacan, was found with gunshot wounds, according to the police in a report published in InterAksyon.

Police officers believe that Alvin Bautista De Guzman, 40, was one of the two suspects tagged in the robbery with r**e and carjacking case filed by a young woman identified only as “Vangie”, 25.

In the report, provincial police director Senior Supt. Ferdinand Divina reveals that De Guzman had gunshot wounds on his chest and head; he was already d**d when he was found along Viola Highway in Barangay Coral na Bato, also in San Rafael.

It was not yet known whether the incident had any relation to the crime he committed against Vangie.  The police officers, however, had reason to believe there’s a possibility this might be the case because De Guzman was not only shot d**d, he was hogtied with a nylon cord and blindfolded when he was found last August 16.

Divina said De Guzman’s wife Joselyn positively identified her husband’s remains at the San Rafael Municipal Police Station.  The couple lives along La Rosa Street in Barangay Sto. Cristo, Baliwag, while De Guzman’s accomplice, known only by his surname “Paniterce”, is still at large. Police are now considering him as the primary suspect for De Guzman’s murder.

The police say Paniterce lives with his wife Arlene at Purok 6 Hulo, Barangay San Roque, which was just 200 meters away from Vangie’s house.

According to the InterAksyon report, Arlene Paniterce told the police that De Guzman visited their house on August 13.  The two men had a private conversation, but she was not able to listen because she was napping with her kids.

Robbery, r**e, carjacking

At around 11:30 pm on August 14, two men forcibly went through the backdoor of Vangie’s home in Phase 3, Altavida Subdivision.  With a bladed weapon, one of them threatened to k**l her if she resisted or called out for help.

She was dragged into the room and raped after the men were done ransacking her house.  Afterwards, they took off with various valuables, including 4 RCBC bank checks, a Nokia Cellular phone, a Samsung Galaxy tab, an Acer laptop, a Sony laptop, and other accessories.

They also stole her blue gray Honda Civic, which was later found on August 17 at Phase 3, Parklane Subdivision in Barangay San Francisco, General Trias 2, Cavite.  The fact that the car was found a day after De Guzman’s body was discovered strengthens the police’s belief that it was Paniterce who k****d him.

Although Vangie positively identified both men after the police showed her their pictures, the authorities did not identify which of the two had actually raped the victim.  The authorities believe that the case will be closed when they find Paniterce.