Video: Amazing surprise for a very lucky CEO

Viral Video Amazing surprise for a very lucky CEO

The CEO of online luxury retailer Net-A-Porter quits working for the company after 11 years at its helm.  Employees who had gotten wind of his impending exit wanted to give him a surprise send-off celebration to show him just how wonderful he had been to them.

For these employees, CEO Mark Sebba may have been their boss, but they love him enough to put in extra hours after work just to rehearse the whole thing.  Timing should be perfect, but secrecy is also necessary in this amazing surprise involving hundreds of employees.

The epic surprise happened on July 9, 2014, but the video was just recently published on YouTube.

CEO Mark Sebba Video: Amazing surprise for a very lucky CEO
CEO Mark Sebba
Photo credit: Video screenshot

Sebba arrived at the company’s London headquarters thinking it was just another ordinary day. The moment he stepped inside, he saw employees lined up to greet him.  There was also a large screen at the entry, projecting his photo, and a man began singing Aloe Blacc’s hit song “The Man”.

But that was just the start of the amazing surprise.

The employees did not gather in one large space to greet him.  Instead, they remained in their workspaces or lined up along the areas Sebba would pass on his way to his office.  Many of them were dancing and holding up posters with Sebba’s photos or messages telling him what a great boss he has been to them.

Aside from the smiling, dancing employees of this lucky boss, he was also greeted by a woman’s volleyball team, models who quickly scrambled to form a puzzle of his face, and a gospel choir. He was led to a screen showing employees from the company’s international offices (Manhattan, New Jersey, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Charlton) also giving him a dance showdown send-off.

Then, he moved on towards his office, surprised at the acrobats, gymnasts, a string quartet, dancers in colorful carnival headdresses, a band, and a man playing bagpipes he also met along the way.

When he finally arrived at his desk amid cheers, he was given a microphone.  Sebba thanked everyone, saying he was “a bit overwhelmed”, then joked “but…how about getting back to work?” to which everyone laughed.

Watch the amazing surprise here: