What’s your favorite Robin Williams’ movie and character?

Robin Williams’ top movies and movie characters

Robin Williams is among the best actors of all time, able to take on the role and make the character a distinct personality, well accepted and well loved by the movie viewers. He has created so many endearing characters – and you just can’t imagine any another person playing the role besides him alone.

Here are some of the most popular movies and movie characters he portrayed, feel free to tell us which ones are your favorites.

Mrs. Doubtfire” – Robin won several awards for his role as Mrs. Doubtfire in the movie.  He portrayed a husband who was forced to use a new persona, a kindly old nanny, so he could spend time with his kids after a bitter separation with his wife.

Patch Adams” – In the movie, he also played the titular role for which he was nominated for several awards.  It was about a man who first committed to a mental institution but later went to medical school and used very unconventional methods, which oppose what the instructors were teaching the students: including using humor to treat patients.

Dead Poets Society” – Robin played John Keating, an English teacher who would become an inspiration to his students with unorthodox teaching methods, including teaching them poetry.

Good Will Hunting” – In a role which won him an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor, Robin played Sean Maguire who mentored math prodigy Will Hunting (played by Matt Damon) into figuring out how to handle his life, including how to overcome the abuse he experienced as a child.

Jumanji” – A well-loved fantasy movie, he played the role of Alan Parrish, the man who got trapped in the board game as a 12-year-old boy.

Hook” – He takes on the role of Peter Banning/Peter Pan in this adaptation of the popular classic.

Bicentennial Man” – Who could ever forget this movie?  It began with a robot who would later become Andrew Martin, the “longest-living human being” in recorded history.

One Hour Photo” – This creepy psychological thriller stars Robin as photo technician Seymour “Sy” Parrish who becomes too involved in his customers’ lives, including a family whose patriarch is having an affair.

Night at the Museum” series – He plays Theodore Roosevelt in the museum where the exhibits come to life at night.  A sequel to the film is set to the released in December this year, with Robin reprising his role; the movie is also already in post-production.

Robin Williams’ top movies and movie characters

There were also several movies in which Robin lent his voice to some endearing characters:

  • Ramon / Lovelace in the “Happy Feet” series
  • Napoleon Cross in “Everyone’s Hero”
  • Fender in “Robots
  • Dr. Know in “A.I. Artificial Intelligence
  • The Genie in “Alladin

These are but some of the most popular movies and movie characters of Robin Williams, evidence of the genius and talent of such a wonderful actor.

So, which of Robin Williams’ movie characters do you love most?