BGC guards under fire for brutal arrest of 2 foreigners

BGC guards under fire for brutal arrest of 2 foreigners

A group of guards at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) was filmed kicking and punching 2 unarmed foreigners, angering netizens who clamored for the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) to check on the case.

RachFeed reports that the foreigners were the ones charged with physical assault and were not allowed to file countercharges against the BGC marshals for the brutal arrest.

Photo credit: Screenshot of YouTube video
Photo credit: Screenshot of YouTube video

The Skateboard

British nationals Samuel James Reynolds and Christopher Edwards claim they were skateboarding along Fifth Avenue last weekend when a policewoman told that it was best for them to move to the park, instead.  They immediately complied, but after a few minutes, a lady BGC marshal stopped them, saying skating is prohibited in the park.

Confused, they told the lady marshal how a policewoman informed them otherwise. They also added that in their country, they are taught to respect the police so they believe she was the one who was more correct than the lady guard; they continued playing.

Trouble in the park

Angered by their defiance, the lady guard called for backup; together, they once again confronted the two who gave the same explanation why they were skating in the park.  These big marshals confiscated Reynolds’ skateboard, says the Astig PH report.

Already afraid of what might happen next, Reynolds grabbed at his skateboard and both foreigners attempted to escape, but more guards arrived.  It was allegedly at this point that the video uploader was able to film the incident.

Brutal arrest

The video clearly shows the uniformed guards kicking and punching the foreigners.  They ganged up on the two British nationals, hitting them hard until one of them already had his clothes ripped off from his back.

When the police arrived, the two foreigners were arrested for physical assault, though there was no jail time for Reynolds as he was allegedly brought to St. Luke’s Medical Center for his injuries.  Edwards spent four days in jail; he was able to go out on Tuesday, says a report on InterAksyon.

Dismayed by the lack of police response against the issue, user ghelo arboleda uploaded the video on YouTube and implored the public to help solve these guys’ dilemma.

On Monday, management of the Bonifacio Global City issued an official statement on the Facebook page:

Regarding a video showing an incident involving BGC’s Marshals:

We have reviewed the video and it indicates that certain members of our security personnel resorted to inappropriate behavior and we are currently conducting a full investigation of this incident.

Meanwhile, we also filed formal charges against the two foreigners who had hit and hurt our lady marshal and another male marshal when their attention was called to certain violations of BGC’s community rules, and before their apprehension was captured in the video.

– Bonifacio Estate Services Corporation

Watch the video here: