‘Black Eyed Child’ ghost haunts town, also appears during daytime

‘Black Eyed Child’ haunts town, even appears during daytime

The ghost of a ‘black eyed child’ haunts a town, scaring the villagers especially because it even appears during daytime and would suddenly vanish from sight.  The child allegedly appears to have eyes as black as coal, with no white eyeballs at all, reports Birmingham Mail.

Several witnesses said they heard a child screaming in terror about something.  Many of those who tried to help would search hard yet couldn’t find the exact source of the screaming, the report continues.  Then, when they get too tired of looking, the child would suddenly appear.

Photo credit: Mirror UK
Photo credit: Mirror UK

The incidents are happening in Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, England.

According to the residents, the last known sightings of the black eyed child before the recurrence was some 30 years ago; it is unknown why the children are coming back after all those years of lying low.

In Paranormal Cannock, it was detailed how the author’s aunt was among the ones to experience a sighting in the past. Groups of young people would visit Cannock Chase to have fun.

One day, the aunt suddenly heard screams in the direction of the forest, so she quickly went there to try and help the child she heard.  This child beckoned for her to help, screaming, “help mommy, help”.  The lady ran as fast as she could so she could help the child and its mother, even stumbling in the process and hurting her toes.

She was led to a dense, dark part of the forest, but was horrified to see there was no helpless “mommy” there but a child with totally black eyes.  The woman was able to escape, but police who searched the area with canines were not able to find the lost child.

New incidents

Mirror UK reports that there have been confirmed sightings of such a child in Cannock Chase.  A woman named Kelly and daughter were out for a walk when they experienced a similar incident of hearing a child screaming, only to find one with horrifying eyes.

Photo credit: Paranormal Cannock
Photo credit: Paranormal Cannock

Paranormal Cannock says there were also accounts that not just one but several children had raised terror in the area.  A man recalls how he had let the kids into his house because they quietly asked for help.  He was puzzled at first why the first one went upstairs, saying he would use the bathroom when he did not even tell the child where it was located.

The other child immediately went down the hall to use his phone.  Nervous now, he followed the second child down the hall, but got the fright of his life when he saw its eyes.  Running back towards the door, he was trapped by the third child who also looked the same.  They quietly told him they were sent to “collect him”.

The man told Paranormal Cannock how he locked himself inside a bedroom for more than an hour after he managed to escape their clutches.  Afterwards, he bolted from the house, not looking back nor returning because he was too frightened of what had happened.