British-born Filipino graphic artist continues to make a name in UK

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Born in Essex to Filipino parents, graphic artist, Melvin Galapon, 33, has been making waves in Europe, particularly in UK. He was featured in one of UK’s major art fairs in 2010. His work began to get noticed by several curators, and he was selected for the show; hence, his already budding career blossomed even more.

Entitled “Pick Me Up,” the art fair shows some works from the industry’s elite illustrators, as well as feature up and coming graphic artists from all over the world. The show was held at Embankment Galleries.

Design writers, magazine editors, curators, and artists from Paris, Barcelona, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Milan and New York graced the show.

The roster of the exhibitors for the show included topnotch graphic artists such as Jonathan Barnbrook and Michael Johnson. The show also housed design collectives Evening Tweed and Peepshow. Some pieces from contemporary gallery Concrete Hermit, and creative magazine Le Gun was also present.

Somerset House curator, Claire Catterall, said their their team was impressed with Melvin’s work. She said the show was the best avenue for Melvin because they wanted to encourage and show more promising artists since there is a continued, increasing interest in graphic design.

“[Galapon’s] work was extremely exciting. We loved his work. It’s very digital, very cutting edge and very modern, really different from most of the other works on display. His work is very pixelated, and he’s got this wonderful vinyl strips that he’s allowed to ‘leak out’ of his booth, so it creeps along the floor and up the wall. And that’s what’s so very special about Melvin’s work, and we’re hoping that next year he’ll do something really magnificent in the building,” she explained.

Today, Melvin has already achieved so much. He has been in various shows and have done several collaborations with well-liked designers. He has even created a show of his own, ‘Together Everyone.’

Furthermore, Melvin has also been featured in various magazines and books worldwide and has exhibited in London, Singapore & Tokyo.

In his portfolio, he has done work for several clients such as: Magazine, Show Off Record, The Guardian and Wired magazine. He has also done shirts for Nokia.

He grew up with his Filipino parents and pursued creative training at Leeds College of Art & Design, Buckinghamshire New University, and Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design. He is currently based in London.

On describing his work, he said: “My practice is mainly graphic based. I like simple colors, shapes and forms. The inspiration comes from TV distortions and pixels, which I really get excited about, and it’s based around that. It’s a mix of illustration, design, and installation.”