Can money buy happiness? Viral video, “God sent me for you” moves netizens

Photo Credit: HDMango

NEW DELHI, India – An eight-minute video is making rounds on different social media sites, after its message touched so many netizens. The video, uploaded on YouTube by ActorVarunPruthi on September 19, 2014, has, as of writing, reached more than 800,000 views and counting.

The uploader, Varun Pruthi, is an Indian actor and director, who had been known to make different social experiment videos, which aims to leave message and create social impact. The same video was shared on his Facebook page, and presently have more than 38K likes and almost 180K shares on Facebook.

In the beginning of the video, the actor counted ten 1,000 rupees (almost 730 pesos), then asked the audience, “Can money buy happiness?” He then roams around the place to look for simple vendors selling different things in low-cost amount of money.

To ten different people, he asked the question, “Do you believe in God?” After the vendor answers, he then gets the 1,000 rupees note and give it to the person, saying “God sent me for you.”

Many of the netizens are moved by the video, especially the part when the hidden camera captured the genuine happiness felt by the unknowing individuals.

Photo Credit: Kerala Cafe
Photo Credit: Kerala Cafe

On his Facebook page, Varun posted the video with the caption: “This video can change your Life (sic).”

The actor encourages the viewers to share the video, in order to gain funds from the payment given by ads. The funds, according to him, will be used to make another 50 people happy during the Diwali Festival, an Indian festival also known as the “festival of lights.”

“Only Then (sic)we will get paid from YouTube Ads which appear before video and can help 50 People, If this video gets 1 million views on YouTube before Diwali October 23rd. We will go back and give all our YouTube earnings of Rs (rupees) 50000 to 50 needy people on Diwali and will upload that video,” the actor said in the video caption.

“This is how Rs 1000 can help them in a big way. All the people we are helping have inventory of less than Rs 200 (145 pesos) and some are just giving water for tips as you can see in video, with Rs 1000 they can add and get better inventory with which they can sell and make more money for their livelihood and live a better life,” the actor added.

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