China urges PH government to protect Chinese citizens

(Photo Credit: Inquirer)

MANILA, Philippines — Citing bomb plots against Chinese embassy in Manila, China warned its citizens to avoid travelling in the Philippines for the meantime, reports said on Friday.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry worries for its citizen’s safety after the Philippine police confirmed that there is a threat of attacking the Chinese embassy, Chinese companies, and other public venues.

“Given that the safety situation in the Philippines is deteriorating, the consular service of the foreign ministry is asking Chinese nationals not to travel to the Philippines for the time being,” the warning reads.

Foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying urges the Philippine government to be more protective of Chinese citizens who were currently inside the country.

The Chinese ministry cited that the dispute over the territorial claims in the South China Sea between the two countries drew the conflict on the diplomatic relation of the two nations, even between its citizens.

Three men were arrested last week over threats of bombing international airports, Chinese embassy, and business premises run by Chinese tycoons, linking a politician who’s involved in anti-Chinese protests.

However, the military dismissed the alleged bomb plot saying the politician poses no danger and that the ‘bombs’ he’s referring to were just firecrackers. He was arrested but was eventually released.

Meanwhile, a criminal group kidnapped an 18-year-old Chinese national named Li Peizhi who works in a family-run business in Zamboanga on late Thursday.

According to Provincial Senior Inspector Leo Castillo, unidentified gunmen abducted Peizhi and took the store’s money worth 20,000 pesos or $455. The kidnappers’ vehicle was on fire when the authorities found it, around two kilometers away.

(Photo Credit: Inquirer)
(Photo Credit: Inquirer)

Zamboanga Mayor George Cainglet believes that the Abu Sayyaf militants who were responsible of kidnapping the Australian national Warren Richard Rodwell in 2011 were involved in the recent incident.

As of writing, there were no reports of ransom demands from the rebels.

“We would like to reiterate that the Department has reassured the Chinese Embassy of appropriate and necessary protection to guard against threats and prevent any violent incidents. We have also reassured them that the appropriate Philippine authorities are fully investigating the group associated with the three suspects of the Ninoy Aquino Terminal 3 incident on September 2014,” Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman Charles Jose said on a report posted in GMA News, in response to China’s travel warning.