Chinese man allegedly kills own dog in washing machine, sparks outrage

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HONG KONG – A young Chinese man believed to be a rich immigrant from the mainland has infuriated local Hong Kong residents (and everyone else abroad) by posting photos of his dog being spun in a washing machine.

The photos, which were posted in Facebook in August but received viral attention last week, shows a small white dog trying to escape the washing machine and struggling to stay afloat as it is being churned around inside.

The man who uploaded the photos on his Facebook, Jacky Lo, boasted that he had found a ‘fast and efficient’ way to clean his dog.

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One Facebook user who commented asked him if the dog died, Lo answered that ‘yes, it did’ and even offered to post the pictures.

His actions have received widespread condemnation, with netizens stating that he should be punished for such a cruel act.

His fellow residents have also chided him and called for authorities to investigate the incident.

The densely-populated city cares deeply for its pets, especially dogs. Last month, the failure of rail workers to save a stray dog from being run over by a train triggered a series of protests.

Police said they are closely following the case and are trying to track down the offender.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ Hong Kong chapter urged everyone not to continue posting the images online to prevent ‘copycat’ acts. They also encourage anyone to immediately report incidents of animal abuse.

Cruelty to animals under Hong Kong law is punishable by up to three years imprisonment and a fine of $25,800.

Amid all the attention, the alleged perpetrator has so far shown no signs of remorse. In a status update he posted yesterday, he boasted that the authorities could not catch him since he was “going back to China.”