Day care center duct tapes toddler to mat, gets sued by parents for $1 million

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

FORT WORTH, Texas – Parents whose 2-year-old boy had been strapped with duct tape to his sleeping mat has sued the Fort Worth day care center owner responsible for the act, according to their lawyer.

Photos of a young boy bound to his nap mat with duct tape surfaced last June and received wide media attention.

In their lawsuit, Kristi and Brad Galbraith claim that their son was the one featured in the pictures and are suing Pamela Decker, co-owner of the Heart2Heart Montessori Academy and its other stakeholders for fraud and negligence.

They are seeking a million dollars in damages.

Another parent, Lori Almquist, said that her toddler son had also been victimized by Decker with the duct tape. She is still reviewing her legal options.

The controversy began after one of the day care center’s employees took pictures of the bound young Galbraith and sent the photos to his parents. She also told them that he was only one of the many children who had experienced the duct tape treatment as punishment for refusing to sleep during nap time.

Photo Credit: NY Daily News
Photo Credit: NY Daily News

Aside from that, the employee, who later resigned, afterwards revealed that the day care center would intentionally withhold water from the children to minimize diaper changes.

When the Galbraiths confronted Decker about it, she initially denied the charges, but then broke down after they showed her the photos.

She also called for a parents’ meeting shortly after the incident where she told everyone present that the children  had not been harmed at all.

The day care center, which has so far remained open, declined to comment on the lawsuit, but stated they are fully cooperating with the authorities.

They have also forbidden Decker from entering the property.

The Galbraiths’ lawyer said this was a very distressing case, since parents usually have to “take a leap of faith” whenever they entrust their kids to someone else to take care of them.