Filipino teacher in the US suspended for alleged racist comment

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Bernadette Yuson, a Filipino mathematics teacher in Cajon High School in California, is in hot water for a racist statement she made during her seventh period class.

According to the report of the San Bernardino Sun, the Unified School District officials said Yuson used “inappropriate language.” She is already currently suspended as part of the disciplinary action.

A senior high school student, LaRue Bell, is one of Yuson’s students in class and a witness of the incident. He said it was earlier in the month when Yuson began to rearrange the class seating. Bell noticed a pattern with the movement of the seats so he wanted to clarify what was going on with Yuson.

He then asked: “‘How come you’re moving all the black people around?’”

To this, Yuson allegedly replied: “Because I want to move all the n—–.” Her response shocked the students and it was then that Bell supposedly went out of the classroom to report what Yuson just said. He went to the school administration about the incident.

Before he went out, Yuson allegedly challenged him to report the incident by saying: “‘Go ahead and tell them. I’ve got a lawyer and I pay him every month.’”

Bell, along with the support of his family, did not let up on the incident with the school administration so they did an investigation on the incident.

In an official statement, the school said:

“On Sept. 3, we became aware of a complaint about inappropriate language used during class by a Cajon High teacher. We launched a fair and deliberate investigation regarding the matter and we took quick and decisive disciplinary action once all of the facts were in.”

Further steps that the school district may or may not take with the case has yet to be determined. For now, Yuson is on leave for using the N-word to refer to her African-American students.

Balitang America, and other news agencies have tried to reach out to Yuson or anyone from her camp and no official statement has been made. A representative of Yuson’s family said she refuses to talk to the press about the incident for now.

Meanwhile, the incident has caused a social media war in the San Bernardino Sun’s Facebook page where some people are defending Yuson, saying that the students’ complaint is not credible.