Foreigner regularly abuses Pinay wife and kids; woman too afraid to escape

Foreigner regularly abuses Pinay wife, woman too afraid to escape
Photo credit: Caption of Facebook video shared by Mabuhay Winfrey

A Filipina who hails from Surigao del Sur is reportedly being abused on a regular basis by her foreigner husband, who is believed to be an Arab national.

In one instance caught on camera, the woman was being repeatedly hit on the head by what appears to be a kitchen pan made of aluminum or stainless steel, says blogsite 2ngaw.

There was even one instance when the abusive man hit their son’s head. The Pinay’s husband kept on scolding his wife in his foreign language.  According to Mabuhay Winfrey, the Facebook user who uploaded the video, the reason why the lady was being hit by the man in this video is that she did not cook lunch early.

Foreigner regularly abuses Pinay wife, woman too afraid to escape
Photo credit: composite image of screenshots from video

Winfrey claims the incident was not isolated, saying the foreigner often hits his wife even over small things.  What’s quite alarming is that the children are also subjected to this physical abuse, as can be seen in the video, and are also witnesses to the regular beatings the man does to his Pinay wife.

According to Winfrey, the Filipina woman wants to leave her husband and bring her kids back to the Philippines.  It is an almost impossible feat, however, because she does not have enough money to aid their escape.

She is afraid of what her husband might do if he catches them trying to escape.  Moreover, the woman thinks the government and the authorities won’t be able to help her, saying they would probably take the side of the Arab man and put her in jail, instead.

It was not indicated whether they had travel papers, but the woman clearly wanted to escape her abusive husband.

The video of the abuse has since gone viral, even when there are claims refuting its authenticity.  According to blogsite 2ngaw as well as many of those who commented on Winfrey’s Facebook post, it could be possible that the video might be scripted because the woman was not even fighting back, despite holding a knife in her hands.

It should be remembered, however, that many abuse victims are too afraid of their tormentors to even try to escape, just as Winfrey had indicated in the Facebook status.

Watch the YouTube video uploaded by Diversity Human here.