“He just quit on our team” – Gilas coach Chot Reyes blames Douthit for loss to Qatar

MANILA – Gilas Pilipinas coach Chot Reyes was apparently disappointed with Marcus Douthit and blamed the naturalized Filipino for the Philippines’ loss to Qatar team that sent them to the brink of being eliminated in the 17th Asian Games.

In a post-game interview, Chot Reyes, who is known for calling out players to motivate them to bounce back strong after a bad game, told reporters that they were all disappointed with Marcus.

“He just quit. Our big man, Douthit, just quit,” Reyes said. “Our big guy, the man we rely in the middle, just quit on our team.”

Reyes said what Douthit did was very un-Filipino. He said he was very disappointed with the development.

MArcus Douthit was blamed by Gilas coach for its loss to Qatar Photo Credit: Team Pilipinas.info (photo by Nuki Sabio / FIBA Asia Images)
MArcus Douthit was blamed by Gilas coach for its loss to Qatar
Photo Credit: Team Pilipinas.info (photo by Nuki Sabio / FIBA Asia Images)

The loss to Qatar was their second straight defeat after yielding to a taller Iran squad, putting Gilas Pilipinas’ medal hopes in peril. The Philippine team will now have to win its next two games, against host team South Korea on Saturday and Kazakhstan on Sunday, to advance to the semi-final round.

Coach Reyes is entertaining thoughts of going all-Filipino in their do-or-d*e match against South Korea.

“I’m gonna ask Marcus, if he doesn’t wanna play, we’ll go all-Filipino. If he wants to go home, he can go home,”said Reyes.

“Towards the end of the first half, he was at the dugout watching a music video. He was the last to leave the dugout. He had a very bad body language. And Qatar pounced on him,” Reyes said.

Even before the endgame buzzer sounded, Douthit left the court. Some of his teammates reportedly went after the Gilas’ center in the locker to confront him.

There were speculations that Douthit was affected when he was reprimanded by Reyes after his ill-advised three-point attempt in the endgame of a bitter loss to Iran.

“He is a sissy if he is affected. He is a professional. He should take that comment. We didn’t even talk about it in the dugout afterward. If that affected him, there is something really wrong,” Reyes said.

Meanwhile netizens and fans of the Gilas Pilipinas squad came to Douthit’s defense after Reyes’ outburst.

“Coach Chot’s words agaisnt Douthit was just too much,” tweeted Janzene Gonzales.

Chiara Mendiola wrote on Twitter, “Don’t blame Douthit for your mistakes. Be a man and don’t point fingers.”

Some said Chot’s tirade was ill-timed since their next game is a do-or-d*e with host team South Korea.

“Do or d*e game tomorrow and Chot Reyes publicly criticized Douthit,” Jaron Geneta tweeted.