NCAA suspends 17 brawl-involved players, three referees

Photo credits: Interaksyon/Sports5

CITY OF SAN JUAN, Philippines—The Management Committee (MANCOM) of the NCAA sentenced two teams involved in a massive brawl Monday evening at The Arena.

A total of seventeen players from both the Mapua Institute of Technology Cardinals and the Emilio Aguinaldo College Generals plus three game officials were sanctioned with various lengths of suspensions, including John Tayongtong and Leo Gabo.

Tayongtong, the fourth year guard from EAC received the highest sentence as he will sit down five games after their contest against the Cardinals on Monday.

Leo Gabo, on the other hand, will be barred from playing in their next four matches.

With about 28.5 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, and EAC with the possession, Tayongtong shouldered Mapua’s CJ Isit, confronted and shoved him a right hook afterwards.

Gabo responded in defense by pushing Tayongtong, and thus followed a massive bench-clearing altercation, resulting into numerous ejections and stoppage of the entire game.

Photo credits: Interaksyon/Sports5

The entire coaching staff from both EAC and Mapua were also thrown out of the playing court, leaving players Jessie Saitanan and Joshua General saved.

Four players from both squads—Jomari Tubiano (Mapua), Jan Jamon, Ariel Aguilar and Jack Arquero (EAC—each received three-game suspensions. While seven players will be banned from playing their next two games namely: Justin Serrano, James Galoso, Exequiel Biteng and Andrew Estrella of the Cardinals; and John Santos, Manelle Quilanita, and Edsel Saludo of the Generals.

The Cardinals’ Jerome Canaynay, Ronnel VIllasenor and Darrel Magsigay were sentenced to a one-game suspension as well as the Generals’ Faustino Pascual.

Other players such as Joseph Eriobu, Jeson Cantos, Jerald Soriano, Chris Mejos, Ai Indin did not receive any sanction despite their ejection.

“The Mancom condemns in the highest level the unfortunate incident that occured (sic) in the Mapua-EAC game. Hooliganism has no place in an established league like the NCAA. Proper sanctions based on league rules will be imposed accordingly,” said NCAA Management Committee chairman Paul Supan of host Jose Rizal University.

League commission Bai Cristobal added that Molly de Luna, Menard Ballacer, and Chico Caoile, the officials-in-charge of the Mapua-EAC contest will also face fines and indefinite-sentenced suspension.

“The referee is on top of the situation and it was a non-call,” said Cristobal.