Queen Elizabeth: selfies are strange, loses value of human contact

Photo Credit: mirror.co.uk

The Queen of the United Kingdom refers to the modern phenomenon known as a “selfie” as “strange” and “disconcerting.” In her conversation with U.S. Ambassador to England, Matthew Barzun, Queen Elizabeth indicated that she believes selfies take away the value of human contact. Thus, she considers the selfie as an example of bad manners because it takes away that precious interaction with another person.

Barzun told the British publication, Tatler, “She was essentially saying: ‘I miss eye contact.'”

However, despite the fact that she is already 88 years of age, the head of state is educated on technological evolutions. As part of her esteemed role, she is constantly touring industrial factories and surveying technological facilities in different countries. It’s mobile phones in her face that she dislikes.

She has owned a mobile phone since 2001. This was a gift she received from the Duke of York. Although no one has seen her using it in public, her grandson, Prince Harry, and the Duke of Cambridge taught her how to text. She reportedly uses her mobile phone outdoors when she is at her private residences at Balmoral Castle and Sandringham House.

Recently, earlier in June, she was on a tour to see the set of the hit television series, Game of Thrones, at the Crumlin Road Jail. While on her tour, a teenager was able to get a selfie with the Queen as she passed by. She was also there to see St. George’s markets and to attend a garden party at Hillsborough Castle. It was a vacation of sorts so the Queen’s party was in a relaxed demeanor. This could have been the reason why the teenaged boy managed to sneak a photo from the monarch.

A bystander who witnessed the event said that the Queen was “walking through the market with the Secretary of State” when the selfie took place. In the commotion where people were reportedly applauding the Queen, the teenaged boy, Jack, suddenly approached her, said something to her and then took the selfie.

The witness said things happened so fast that the Queen seemed to have been caught completely by surprise.

“It was funny but I don’t think the Queen really understood what was going on because it happened so fast,” the eyewitness said.

However, the Queen seemed unfazed by what happened and went on with her schedule.

In the meantime, a representative of the monarch has not issued a comment on the U.S. Ambassador’s claims on the Queen’s perception of the selfie.

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