Roxanne Cabanero is Miss World Philippines 2014 contestant


One of the three women who accused ‘It’s Showtime’ host Vhong Navarro of rape has joined the 2014 Miss World Philippines pageant as a candidate.

According to reports, Roxanne Cabanero joined this year’s Miss World pageant to regain her confidence after her alleged sexual ordeal from the hands of Navarro in 2010. In an interview, Cabanero told the media that  she wants to be confident again after she pressed the rape charges against the Kapamilya host and comedian.

Video: GMA-7’s Interview with Vhong Accuser Roxanne Cabañero Acosta

“For almost 7 months I have been hiding myself. And I think this is a great opportunity for me to just go out there and really reclaim the confidence  that I lost  7 months ago because I was really publicly humiliated,” Cabanero said.

Cabanero also said she decided to join the prestigious beauty contest since it has always been her ultimate dream to become a beauty queen.

She said joining the contest is a good way for her to show her advocacy that being a rape victim is something that women should not be ashamed of. The aspiring beauty queen said women should be confident at all times.

“If you are a victim, you don’t need to be  afraid anymore. You go out there, fight for your right and just live and go on with your life.” she said.

Cabanero said regardless of the contest’s result, she would continue her studies and take up law to help sexually abused women like her.

She earlier filed a rape case against Navarro after he allegedly raped her inside his car on the night of April 24, 2010 while she was still a contestant of Miss Bikini Philippines. But Navarro denied the accusation, saying he was a guest on the concert of Vice Ganda at Island Cove in Cavite when the supposed rape happened. Aside from denying Cabanero’s accusation, Navarro has also filed libel and perjury charges against her for making up stories just to malign him.