VIDEO: Aegis Malaysia cites reasons why Malaysia is better than the Philippines for global investors

MANILA, Philippines – A promotional video produced by Aegis Malaysia, a global business process outsourcing (BPO) company, is making a buzz online for allegedly enumerating the reasons why it is better to invest in Malaysia than in the Philippines.

A medical representative named Elcid Lao posted the controversial video on his Facebook account which immediately went viral hours after it was uploaded.

On his Facebook account, Elcid Lao shared the video with the following captions:

Since we are currently experiencing another weather disturbance. Please take a look at this ad made by Aegis.

My Opinion:

This is the most Unethical Ad ever made. We filipinos are aware of it. But please do not directly destroy our image. Just simply broadcast the pros in your newly selected site. No need to name drop. The calamities that are happening are just a fraction of a percent of the entire year. We are aware of our government to which reforms are starting to be made but we can never control nature. Such a shame on you Aegis.

Your thoughts guys?

As of Sept. 20, the post had been shared more than 4,000 times and the ‘sharing frenzy’ shows no signs of slowing down.

In the nearly 3-minute video, it explains how Malaysia is a better choice over the Philippines for global giant companies looking to grow and expand geographically.

The narrator starts to explain the following reasons that could affect companies such as ‘inadequate infrastructure’, ‘unfriendly climate’ for smooth operations, ‘less security’ and ‘lack of government support’; an environment that might hinder your interactions with clients, customers and partners.

It then highlights the Philippines sitting in the ‘ring of fire’, which make matters worst because the country is prone to natural disasters and will definitely impact the business and ‘bloat’ the cost of living.

The video then continues on to highlight the advantages of choosing Malaysia for investments as the country offers global investors ‘a stable governance’ and a perfect tropical climate which makes it a ‘safer zone’.

According to the video, Malaysia is ‘rich in diversified cultures, natural resources, competitive talent pools and leisure lifestyles’ so it is ‘the perfect balance of business and pleasure’.

Watch the full video here: