VIDEO: John Lloyd Cruz’s “The Trial” Movie Trailer

Screenshot from "The Trial" Movie Trailer

Star Cinema, in celebration of its 20th year, released the trailer for its upcoming movie, “The Trial”.

“The Trial” is the first team-up film of John Lloyd Cruz and Jessy Mendiola. The trailer, which was uploaded on YouTube last September 22, has generated more than a hundred thousand views.

"The Trial" (Photo Credit: PhilNews)
“The Trial”
(Photo Credit: PhilNews)

The movie will be led by box-office actor, John Lloyd Cruz and is also composed of a powerhouse cast including Richard Gomez, Gretchen Barretto, Jessy Mendiola and Enrique Gil.

In the two-minute movie trailer, John Lloyd portrays the role of Ronald. Ronald is a differently-abled elementary student who harbors a crush for Jessy Mendiola’s character, a teacher named Bessy. In the trailer, Ronald proposes to Ma’am Bessy in what appears like an empty storage room. Ma’am Bessy acknowledges the confession and touches Ronald lovingly. The scene is then cut to show a hand, in the window, recording the moment.

Based on the trailer, Ronald was seen attending the trial after which he was accused of rape against Ma’am Bessy.

Veteran actor Richard Gomez plays the trial lawyer in the film. Gretchen Barretto plays a doctor married to Richard Gomez’s character.

(Photo Credit: "The Trial" trailer)
(Photo Credit: “The Trial” trailer)

In an interview with ABS-CBN News’s Mario Dumaual, Gomez commended “The Trial” director and the script for being “well-written”. He also praised John Lloyd Cruz for his portrayal as his client in the film.

Gomez stated, “Ang sarap katrabaho ni John Lloyd, ang saya katrabaho ni Gretchen and ni Jessy Mendiola. Makikita din natin ang pagbabalik ni Vivian Velez on screen. It’s a wonderful movie. Makikita mo talaga kung gaano kagaling mag-direct si Chito Rono,” (It was satisfying to work with John Lloyd. It was also fun to work with Gretchen (Barretto) and Jessy Mendiola. Here, you would also see the return of Vivian Velez on screen. It’s a wonderful movie. You would see how good Chito Rono directs the film.)

“The Trial” will hit the theaters on October 15.

Watch the trailer here: