Video: Man with 100-pound scrotum undergoes life-changing public-funded surgery

Photo Credit: Mail Online

MICHIGAN, USA – Dan Maurer, 39, from Michigan, reportedly underwent surgery in California to remove the mass on his scrotum last Thursday.

Maurer had been struggling with scrotal lymphedema for five years. The rare condition that hit Maurer causes the scrotum to grow abnormally large due to what doctors believe are blocked vessels in the lymphatic system that fail to drain fluid from the area.

According to NCBI, scrotal lymphedema or scrotal elephantiasis is a disease that is caused by obstruction, aplasia, or hypoplasia of the lymphatic vessels draining the scrotum. The scrotal skin is thickened and may exhibit ulcerations in severe cases. It can be either congenital or acquired in nature, with the most common acquired etiology being infection.

Reports said that Maurer’s scrotum has grown to a size that makes it impossible for him to work, or even to walk more than 40 feet at a time without constant pain.

He said that he had nearly given up hope, as doctors failed to help him until last year, when he met with Dr. Joel Gelman of the Center for Reconstructive Urology at the University of California, Irvine.

Photo Credit: Gym Flow
Photo Credit: Gym Flow

Maurer was able to get the national attention for his condition last July, after he launched a campaign to raise money for his procedure. Faith in humanity made it possible for him to proceed with the procedure.

On Thursday, he posted this update on his page:

“My Surgery is in 2 hours. So this might be my last post. I love you all and I can not [sic] thank you enough for your support in all of this. My wife is everything to me and to get a second chance to give her the man she deserves means a lot to me. I will post as soon as I can if and when I wake up.”

“With any surgery, there’s a chance of something going wrong. So, there is fear. Then, there’s the excitement of changing my life forever,” Maurer added.

Maurer said his condition has affected his relationship with his wife of 20 years, Mindy.

“With the surgery, my life is on the line and losing my penis is on the line,” he said while reiterating that he was anxious, but that the risk was well worth it.

Furthermore, he said on reports that he was excited about the prospect of having sex with his wife for the first time in seven years.

Besides returning his normal marital relations, Maurer is also looking forward to doing more traveling and riding a jet ski.