Video: Woman berates teener inside mall over “too revealing” shirt

A  Singaporean teener’s “too revealing” outfit became the subject of a visibly irate woman’s rants inside the basement of a shopping mall in Takashamiya.

In the video below which has become viral on You Tube, a very displeased middle-aged woman accosted the girl for wearing a bareback shirt revealing some skin and her undergarment which is apparently too much for the “auntie”.

The two never knew each other and it was just a chance encounter inside the mall, but the woman confronted her as if she was her mother.

The woman can be heard yelling at the top of her voice: “Next time, you better wear your clothes properly, I’m warning you!”

“This is not proper dressing,” she added, before dropping the word “ you’re S**t”  and started to walk away.

But she turned back again and yelled more curses before the clip ends.

The video was uploaded on You Tube by the girl herself under the name Ara Jo.

Along with the video, she also posted a photo of the bareback shirt she wore on that day that sent the woman crazy and incensed towards her.

She wrote in the video description: “This is what happens when you wear ZARA T-shirts in Singapore. Takashimaya. RANDOM CRAZY AUNTY gonna damn scold you. Wear carefully! So, I took a pic myself like what she wants.”

The video was uploaded a few months ago, but it is only now that it has become viral online.

Meanwhile, netizens are polarized as to whether the girl’s outfit is indeed “too revealing” to be worn in a public place, or the woman was overreacting considering she was not even related to the teener.

One commenter said:  “Well, she is over reacting, but at the same time I think the style is skanky. Girls/women want to be respected, but here they are objectify-ing themselves. In a not-so-recent research made, girls are to be blamed for degrading themselves before they can accuse a man of disrespecting her. Respect yourself and others will follow suit.”

Watch the video below: