VIRAL: Pinoy Air Supply

Pinoy Air Supply

Air Supply, an Australian soft rock duo has remarkably built their name in the music industry as their music remains timeless and truly an all time favorite around the world.

Meanwhile, a recently uploaded video has gone viral as a group of teens from North Cotabato have their own version of Air Supply’s “Having You Near Me”.

Zacky Kandalayang, a social media user and a DepEd homeroom teacher at Cotabato uploaded the video of these three high school students fresh from his tablet on August 23, 2014 using his own Facebook account. After  listening  to the three boys for 20 minutes while they were jamming in front of a sari- sari store, Zacky asked the boys if they want to have the song be recorded, and they  responded with much willingness despite having the noise from the passing vehicles and barking dog along the highway.

Straight from Sir Zacky’s Facebook account, the video has reached 166, 108 likes, with 175,420 shares, while comments praising these talented boys reached 41,822.

Before singing the song, “Having You Near Me”, they first introduced, themselve : Jhong Madaliday is the lead singer, King Ivan Quinto is the lead guitarist, while the bass guitarist is Abdul Samir.

Trio’s lead singer, Jhong Madaliday is a high school student at Kabacan, North Cotabato (Mindanao), born on December 12, 1998. A lot of netizens got two thumbs up for his amazing performance as his voice is perfectly adopting to all the songs that he’s singing. As he became famous on social media, his group caught the attention of the two highly competitive Philippine television networks, ABS-CBN and GMA.

The group was first featured in a weekend show of GMA network,  Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho last August 31, 2014 with an episode story title “The Air Supply of the Philippines” few weeks after their video has been uploaded.

During their interview with the program host Jessica Soho, Jhong Madaliday was described as another version of Air Supply’s vocalist Russell Hitchcock.

Everything follows after the Pinoy Air Supply was featured in the program. They became instant celebrities as they received a lot of TV  guestings from different networks. The group even uploaded more of their recorded videos while singing different songs from different singers proving to the people that they are more than what people know about them. Their talent is not limited to just a single song alone.

Watch them perform the Air Supply hit, Having You Near Me.