VIRAL: Poor dog “dragged” behind car in China

poor dog chained behind the car and dragged on street Photo Credit: ChinaSMACK

Zheng Weiyang, a Chinese pet owner chained a dog at the back of his car and dragged the poor dog down the road in Southern China.

A concerned citizen filmed the poor dog’s heartbreaking moment and uploaded the video on the web.

Poor dog’s video  immediately became viral. Netizens reacted violently and appealed to give justice to the dog.

On the footage was a Labrador suffering in pain being tied at the back of the car with wounded paws and dragged on the road of the busy road of Guangdong province.

Feeling pity with the dog, netizens petitioned a man hunt to find the dog’s owner and prosecute him for doing such unjust treatment to the animal. Using the video itself, the hunt began with the clearly visible plate number of the car used in dragging the dog.

The operation was called “human flesh search” which spread across social media sites and later on reached the attention of the media that made the man hunt a lot easier.

After knowing the identity of the dog’s owner, he defended his action on a TV interview.

“It is not my intention to do this. I had no choice because it bites a lot.” He also added that his wife wanted to get rid of the dog, but “I couldn’t do it, that’s why I tied this dog behind my car to get rid of it.”

“When I was driving, I couldn’t see this dog from the rear-view mirror. Another driver questioned me about what I was doing. I told them that this is a mad dog and I am going to dispose of it,” he commented trying to explain his side.

Zheng Weiyang appealed to stop sharing the video for he is regretful of what he did.

Meanwhile, an animal rights charity in the Guangdong province has now launched a campaign to try and track down the mistreated canine, amid claims that the dog did not d*e as a result of the incident.

Watch the clip here: