12-million lotto prize can’t be claimed after ticket was burned by flat iron 

Photo Credit: ABS-CBN News Youtube Channel screenshot

MANILA, Philippines- Antonio Failon Mendoza, a former overseas Filipino worker failed to claim his 12-million lottery prize after his ticket was burned by a flat iron.

In a report by ABS-CBN newsman Anthony Taberna, Mendoza claimed he bought the lotto ticket with the combination 09-21-31-36-40-41 at an outlet in Brgy. Dacanlao, Calaca, Batangas.

The combination won the 12-million jackpot prize on October 2.

However, when he was preparing to claim his fortune from Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), his grandchild grabbed the ticket from Mendoza and crumpled it.

“Naagaw naman ng apo kong maliit na yun. Naagaw, nagusot. Ngayon sinuggest naman ng isang bayaw ko ‘ay hindi plantsahin lang kasi sensitive na ngayon sa PCSO.” ( It was grabbed by my small grandchild. It was grabbed and crumbled. Now one of my brother-in-laws suggested to iron it since PCSO is sensitive. )

His daughter, Roxanne Mendoza Sandoval ironed out the ticket, but a big portion of the ticket got burned.

Mendoza still went to PCSO to verify if he can still claim his prize.

Although PCSO confirmed that the winning lotto ticket came from the outlet where Mendoza bought his ticket, they did not give him the prize since the machine can’t read his ticket.

PCSO’s Acting Chairman and general manager Ferdinand Rojas II said the institution is strict about their “No ticket, no payment” policy. Rojas stressed that the ticket should also be machine-readable.

According to Rojas, the said guidelines were made because there are many bogus claimants going to their office every month.

Rojas stressed that the Legal and Technical team of PCSO is still finding solutions to Mendoza’s problem.

PCSO reiterated ticket buyers to take care of their tickets as  “prizes will not be paid if the ticket is altered, defaced, torn, damaged or has failed any of the validation tests of the PCSO”.

As reported in Newsgraph, however, the acting PCSO chairman said that it’s not the end for the OFW jackpot winner.

“There is one year to claim, maganda rin na within the one year period tignan natin baka mamaya may ibang claimant na talagang may hawak ng winning ticket,” he added.

(Let’s wait for a year to see if somebody else will claim.)