“Let me poop”: Watch young girl sings hilarious parody of “Frozen” soundtrack

Oscar-winning soundtrack “Let it go” from Disney movie “Frozen” is truly a worldwide hit that it inspired countless versions on social media from artists and non-artists alike, varying from really awesome to downright hilarious parodies.

One of these parodies stands out and became a viral hit recently on You Tube for its unlikely, yet amusing take on the song, if not for its cuteness. So far it was already viewed 2.4M times.

The video below is a version of “Frozen” fan Emily Mandelbaum, an American young girl. She calls it “Let me poop” and the video was uploaded by her mom and dad, Lisa and Irwin, on their You Tube account.

She changed the lyrics of the popular song and came with her own, matching her “outpouring of sentiment” over her struggle with, well, making poop.

Never mind her voice range, which is still cute for her age anyway. Just listen to the altered lyrics and see if you can resist from smiling and being amused by her unassuming performance.

She started singing with the following:

My poop comes out of my butt tonight not too prepared to be seen

A bathroom with nothing to wipe with, there’s no way I’m getting clean

My stomach’s crawling with the poop that is inside

Couldn’t keep it in heaven knows I’ve tried

No one come in, no one can see

Oh my God now I feel like I have to pee

I hate how this feels, don’t let them know

Well now they know.

Then she erupted into her own chorus version which runs like this:

Let me poop, let me poop

Can’t hold it in anymore

Let me poop, let me poop

I should have closed the door.

Well, it would be more enjoyable to watch the video in full and listen to her “passionate” performance. Idina Menzel and Demi Lovato would surely love Emily for making the song even more appropriate for our early morning habit.(Video credit: Youtube/irwin & lisa mandelbaum)
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crHqgShbhbQ]