Ohio couple sues sperm bank after racial mix-up

Photo credit: wbtw.com

Ohio same-sex couple Jennifer Cramblett and Amanda Zinkon filed a lawsuit against Midwest Sperm Bank last September 29 because of a sperm bank ‘mix-up.’

It was April of 2012 when Cramblett called the sperm bank to secure more vials in an attempt for a second pregnancy.

Cramblett narrated, “When I called to order that sperm and the vials, I asked them for (donor) 380 and they came back on the line and said I do believe we have sent you donor number 330, are you sure that’s not what you asked for?”

The staff of the sperm bank allegedly told Cramblett that Sperm donor 330 is an African-American man and that they could no longer disclose any other information.

According to the lawsuit, the mix-up resulted from the sperm bank’s record-keeping procedure; records were kept manually instead of electronically. The person who sent Cramblett the sperm vials might have mistaken ‘380’ for ‘330.’

Cramblett and Zinkon now have a beautiful  2-year-old African-American daughter named Payton, whom they love unconditionally. They said the reason why they are suing the sperm bank is to obtain the funds their family needs for ongoing counseling, and for their plan to move into a more diverse community.

Photo credit: wn.com
Photo credit: wn.com

“The basis of the lawsuit and why we are doing what we are doing is so that somebody is held accountable. This isn’t going to happen to anybody else,” said Cramblett.

The couple admitted that despite their love for their daughter, there are emotional and social challenges that they are not prepared for, especially since they live in Uniontown, Ohio, wherein 98% of the population is white. Cramblett also fears that their daughter would be ‘stigmatized’ or ‘unrecognized’ once she attends an all-white school.

“We want her to grow up in a community where she feels accepted, feels like it’s normal to be who she is,” Payton’s loving mother said.

The couple’s lawyer, Timothy Misny said that despite the couple’s wish to be relocated, they don’t have the financial capacity to do so. And, since, the Midwest sperm bank caused the mix-up, it should also be held financially accountable.

Representatives from the sperm bank have yet to comment regarding the lawsuit.