Study says men with big feet more prone to infidelity

Photo Credit: Yahoo News

While having big feet does not necessarily equate to having bigger you-know-what in men, a study claims that the size of their feet is a good indicator for their fidelity.

A survey done by shows that the larger a man’s foot size is, the more likely he is to cheat.

Polling 3,128 British men, the dating site found that 18% of them have size seven feet. Of that percentage, only 4 % would consider an affair.

However, the infidelity rate exponentially jumps up to 22% of men possessing size 11 shoes who answered that they were willing to cheat on their partners.

Additionally, 16% of men with shoe sizes 12 to 13 also said yes if they would seek an affair.

Photo Credit: Psych Central
Photo Credit: Psych Central

Going by the results, the numbers show a direct proportion between feet size and infidelity.

Psychology and Neuroscience specialist David Perrett of the University of St. Andrews had this to say about the results: “Body proportions are related and big shoes will likely mean a bigger, taller body. Body stature will relate to personality. Size will enable individuals to dominate in social situations. Dominance itself may open opportunities for affairs.”

Mike Taylor, the site’s spokesman, concurred with findings saying that although some men may argue that feet size have nothing to do with any other body part, it looks like their size correlates with their desire for an illicit affair.

Another group of researchers meanwhile debunked the myth that having large feet means having a large manhood.

The group, affiliated with University College London, said no evidence exists to prove a connection between shoe size and the male appendage.

They said: “Many believe that the size of a man’s penis can be estimated by assessing various other parts of his body, notoriously his shoe size…is a common misconception.”