UN employee dies of ebola, UN’s third casualty

UN, United States-The  spokesperson of the world organization Stephane Dujarric confirmed the death of one of its employee from the deadly ebola virus.

Edmond Bangura-Sesay, a UN driver for the UN Women agency at Sierra Leone and had been employed since 2005, succumbed to his death on Saturday after being tested positive from ebola on Tuesday.

In a Yahoo report, Bangura-Sesay was placed into quarantine last Tuesday, October 14 after his wife fell ill.

According to the UN Women statement released on ABC news, it says  “U.N. is working to make sure that everyone who came into contact with Bangura-Sesay while he had symptoms is assessed and quarantined.”

Also Dujarric reassured,”All measures to protect staff at the duty station in Sierra Leone are being taken as best as possible under the current circumstances.”

(Photo Credit: Yahoo)
(Photo Credit: Yahoo)

UN Women also issued a bulletin about Bangura-Sesay’s wife who  remains under care at an Ebola treatment center and a UN medical team is working to trace all the people who came in contact with the driver.

Edmond Bangura-Sesay is a third UN employee who died from the deadly virus.

United Nation leads the fight against the deadly virus by giving a massive influx of aid to West Africa following the outbreak which killed at least 4,500 people.

An Aljazeera report stated that on Monday, the United States issued strict requirements and new protocols for health workers who are treating Ebola victims by directing medical teams to wear protective gear leaving no skin or hair exposed when in contact with patients.

It also asserted under the new protocols, Ebola health-care  workers must undergo special training and demonstrate expertise in using protective gear which is designed to prevent possible exposure. The gear includes, coveralls, and single -use of disposable hoods. These must be properly supervised to ensure proper procedures are followed.

Meanwhile, World Health Organization declared on Monday, Nigeria as Ebola Free country after a 42-day  period without the emergence of a new ebola case.

Aljazeera in its report also said, “Nigeria was the second country in West Africa to be declared Ebola free in the past week. while on Friday, the UN health agency declared Senegal free of Ebola after it passed the 42 day landmark.”