VIDEO: Honest cabbie returns passenger’s P120,000 and iPad, refuses reward

Photo Credit: ANC

MANILA, Philippines—Venancio Bulatao does not see what all the fuss is about. Apparently, it was all in a day’s work for him when he returned a huge amount of money and tablet belonging to one of his passengers.

Bulatao, who works as a taxi driver in Baguio City is drawing praise after news spread of his good deed. In an interview, the cabbie said he found a bag containing P120,000, an iPad, and some papers which belonged to one of his passengers, a man named Franc Hidalgo.

Fortunately, he managed to get Hidalgo’s contact number and inform him about his missing bag.

Hidalgo, who was effusive in his praise for Bulatao, said he originally offered him a reward, but was turned down by the latter who also seemed uncomfortable with all the attention being showered on him especially during his interview.

Photo Credit: ANC
Photo Credit: ANC

The cabbie, who earns P300 to P500 daily, said he was not interested in the money and only wanted to return it to its rightful owner without all the fuss involved.

However, Baguio City’s local government said it will honor Bulatao for his honesty during their flag-raising ceremony on Monday at city hall.

Good Samaritan Cop

Recently, a policeman also drew praise after he helped out a couple experiencing car trouble on the highway last October 11.

Joann Angeles Delos Santos said she and her husband had been trying to fix their car on the side of the road in vain when SPO1 Ariel Camiling came over and gave them a helping hand.

Santos said that after fixing their car, Camiling refused their offers for merienda and even stayed with them for a while to make sure the car was good to go.

However, she took some candid photos of him fixing the car and uploaded it online as a way of expressing her gratitude for his good deed.