VIDEO: Jeniffer Laude’s last video taken a few hours before she was killed

Jennifer Laude and Marc Sueselbeck Photo Credit:

MANILA, Philippines-  Marc Sueselbeck, the German fiancé of the slain transgender woman Jeniffer Laude has finally arrived in the Philippines to pay his last respects to his girlfriend.

In an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN News journalist Jenny Reyes, Sueselbeck revealed he has mixed emotions about seeing Laude.

“I’m afraid of seeing her realising she’s not answering, she’s not smiling back,” he said.

In the short video clip shown by Sueselbeck, Laude can be seen happily playing with dogs. According to Sueselbeck, Laude’s state in the video was far from the image he saw when the authorities showed him a picture of a lifeless Laude.

He said: “The worst thing was that I did see the picture how they found her. Whenever I close my eyes, I do see that.”

Disappointed by the fate of his girlfriend, Sueselbeck wished the suspect, Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton, did not kill Laude.

“He could have stopped it anytime. She probably would have been hurt, she probably would have been injured but there was no need to finish her.”

The two had been in a relationship for three years and are planning to tie the knot in March 2015 in Thailand.

But the couple’s dream to settle down was cut short when Pemberton allegedly murdered Laude in Celzone Lodge in Olongapo City on the night of October 11.

Despite what happened to Laude, Sueselbeck said he is happy he was able to fulfil his promise not to leave Laude until the end.

Not Willing To Forgive US Marine

When the German national was asked if he is willing to forgive the alleged killer of his fiancé, he said that he is not in the position to forgive him.

“How can I forgive him? I’m not in the position to forgive him…I have more anger in my heart than probably most of the people here. The only person who is in that position is God and Jennifer. And forgiving means understanding, and I doubt that I would ever understand what he did.”

Moreover, Sueselbeck stressed that he wants a fair trial for Pemberton.

Watch the video of Jeniffer Laude playing with her dogs.