Watch two videos of ultra-rare epic fights between Great White sharks

Photo Credit: The Mirror

It’s easy to see why Great White sharks are one of the most feared predators on the planet: they’ll attack anything, and apparently that includes their own kind, as recorded in two separate incidents.

The first video, which was recorded last year off the coast of South Australia’s Neptune Islands by veteran diver Russell Gordon, shows two large Great Whites going at each other in an underwater contest.

The Neptune Islands is a known hunting ground for Great White sharks.

Blood is drawn as one of the sharks sinks its teeth into its rival, the underwater confrontation which was just meters away from Gordon’s cage.

Gordon later wrote about his experience and added that incident was unique since the sharks attacked each other without being influenced by bait.

“Some of you may have viewed other footage of shark on shark a*****s but these are purely accidental incidences because the two sharks strike at the bait line and inadvertently hit each other,” he added.

The second video, which was taken also in the same area just this week by shark diver Adam Malski, also shows a duel between two Great Whites.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail
Photo Credit: Daily Mail

While on a boating expedition to see the animals, Malski recorded one huge Great White—called “Gilbert” by the locals—attacking a smaller shark and then submerging with it still in its mouth.

Just moments before the attack, he had asked the boat captain what would happen if a bigger shark fought a smaller shark.

Malski described the event as surreal and said it showed how little people know of their behavior.

He pointed out that during the time he spent underwater watching the sharks, they went up to his cage but only displayed curiosity and not aggression.

He added that while Gilbert could still be seen swimming around the area after the incident, the other shark has not been spotted since.

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