2 kids hacked to death by their sister’s jealous partner

2 kids hacked to death by their sister’s jealous partner

Sherwin Jay, 10, and Shiela Monicea, 12, were dead from hack wounds in their necks when they were discovered around 2 am on Saturday, November 15, 2014 in Barangay Tuy in the town of Rizal, Laguna.

In a report on the Philippine Star, Laguna provincial police spokesperson Inspector Roselle Orate revealed that the children were hacked to death.  The girl, Sheila, was also raped.

Initial reports detailed that the parents of these kids were at work when the incident happened, but further investigations later revealed that the suspect and the kids’ father were drinking at the suspect’s house.  The whereabouts of their mother was unknown.

The jealous suspect

The suspect, Allan Jed Aquino, 21, was the live-in partner of the children’s elder sister. The elder sister was not named but she shared the same mother with the kids, though her father was different. Aquino was suspicious that the kids’s sister, his live-in partner, has a relationship with her stepfather, Cesar.

According to his own admission, the suspect invited the kids’ father, Cesar, to a drinking session at his house in Barangay Pauli 2.  He plied Cesar with drinks until the man was too drunk that he fell asleep in Allan’s house.

Quickly, Allan went to Cesar’s house in Barangay Tuy where he killed and raped Shiela; he also killed Sherwin.

The suspect was caught by the police a few hours later because he was identified by witnesses as the man who hurriedly got away from the house where the kids were later found dead.

When asked why he killed the kids, Allan said he was too angry at their father because he suspects Cesar is having an affair with his common law wife.

The police doubted the statement, however, especially because Cesar was already in his house and was asleep.  It would have been easier for him to kill the old guy who was already asleep and too drunk to even try to defend himself, if his motive was to gain revenge against Cesar.

By killing the children, the suspect still had to go to the house located in a different barangay.  Because Allan raped Cesar’s daughter, Shiela, the police believe there is another motive for the crime, not just hate against his suspected rival.

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