Binay confused whether he’s working or campaigning for 2016?

Binay perplexed whether he’s working or campaigning for 2016?

Let’s just be honest with each other. We will not be able to distinguish whether I am working or campaigning,” Vice President Jejomar Binay allegedly told reporters gathered in Tabuelan, a town in Cebu, reports the Inquirer.

This statement was made in answer to the remark made by Liberal Party (LP) member Cebu Vice Gov. Agnes Magpale, claiming Binay is hopping from province to province not to do his job as the vice president but to campaign for the 2016 elections.

Apparently, even the vice president is not sure whether he is working or already engaging in some early campaigning as was pointed out by the province’s vice governor.

Province-hopping for the presidential elections?

The vice president is slammed for early campaigning, yet he also seemed to have a valid excuse for visiting many provinces in the country.  After all, aside from being the vice president, Binay is also tasked as the housing czar.

So, it is his job to see to it that Filipinos have decent homes, especially those affected by natural calamities such as the super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).

Photo credit: Manila Bulletin
Photo credit: Manila Bulletin

He visited Tabuelan in his capacity as the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council head, delivering the “progress report” on the efforts the government has done in response to Yolanda, reports All Pinoy News.

He also attended an event for the Pag-ibig Fund, closely tied with the housing czar’s office.

Binay is also the president’s adviser on migrant workers’ affairs.  So, he also had valid reason for visiting the OFW who needed help in Cebu.

Early campaigning?

The province-hopping would have looked more innocent and just part of the job if Binay did not deliver passionate speeches, did not eat with the locals such as the boodle-fight event at the public market in Tabuelan, and did not hand out T-shirts, the Inquirer quipped.

It also did not help that the vice president reportedly said, “For incumbents, it will be hard for you to distinguish if we are campaigning or we are working.”