Napoles cries while defending Ong: “Diyos ang saksi, wala s’yang tinanggap”

Napoles cries while defending Ong: “Diyos ang Saksi, Wala S'yang Tinanggap”

In defense of former Sandiganbayan Associate Justice Gregory Ong, a crying Janet Lim Napoles swore to God and claimed she has never given even a single cent to the judge, reports the Manila Times.

The tearful businesswoman quickly denied the two of them were friends; saying they were never friends because if they had been, then there would surely be no case filed against her in Ong’s sala.

Denying she ever gave the judge money, she said she pities his dismissal from the court just because he was accused of having an association with her.

Photo credit: Inquirer
Photo credit: Inquirer

According to Napoles, she is puzzled why pork barrel scam witnesses Marina Sula tried to pin the blame on the judge.  She called Sula a “liar”.

However, it was not just Sula who pointed out Napoles’ association with Ong.  Primary whistleblower Benhur Luy also provided a sworn statement pointing to Ong as a contact in the anti-graft court, reports InterAksyon.

Apparently, Napoles pities Ong because she feels that the whistleblowers destroyed what the judge had achieved in many years.

Napoles’ “confidence” in Ong

According to Sula, Napoles always talks about Ong; saying they all have nothing to worry about because the judge is on their side.

The whistleblower admitted in court that she knew forging signatures is against the law, but only did this because it was mandated by their boss, Napoles.

When they tried to warn Napoles that they could get in trouble with the law, she would allegedly tell them not to worry because she had already tried escaping trouble through Ong.

She would remind them how she was acquitted from the malversation case in 1998 when it was tried under Ong’s sala in the Fourth Division of the Sandiganbayan.

In September this year, the judge was dismissed for “gross misconduct, dishonesty and impropriety”.  According to the Philippine Star, this decision was later upheld a month later following his appeal.