Pacquiao to sell Forbes Park mansion after neighbors complained of his poor visitors?

Because many of the visitors at Manny Pacquiao’s mansion wore shabby clothing due to being poor, his neighbors in Forbes Park allegedly complained, reports ABS-CBN News.

To stop the repeated complaints, the boxing champ decided to sell the mansion.

According to news reports, he told Agence France-Presse (AFP) he is not choosy in the people he welcomes to his many homes, whether they are well dressed or are simply wearing “shorts and slippers”.

As a “man of the masses” he welcomes these people in his mansion, especially because many of them are there to ask him for some kind of financial assistance, he further told AFP, reports Yahoo! News PH.

Apologies to neighbors

The mansion in Forbes Park is in a swanky neighborhood inhabited by the rich and famous, so Pacquiao said he understands his neighbors’ sentiments about the poor, shabby-clothed people who enter the area to visit him.

Photo credit: Phil Boxing Forum
Photo credit: Phil Boxing Forum

The boxing champ apologized to his neighbors, saying he knows how they feel, but could not also turn away the people who were clamoring for his help.

He recalled how he was also once as poor as these people.  Thus, even if he is now as rich as some of his neighbors in Forbes Park, he could not turn away from his past and these people.

Not all the neighbors are complaining, though. Pacquiao said there were also those who understand why he receives these visitors. However, to prevent further trouble in the neighborhood, he said he would gladly sell the mansion to anyone interested.

Selling for Php708 million?

Reports that surfaced before Pacquiao’s fight with Algieri pegged the selling price of the mansion at P708 million, though the boxing champ had only bought it for Php388 million back in 2011, reports a previous article on Kicker Daily.

The reason for the higher price is not just inflation but because Pacquiao has made plenty of improvements on the mansion, reports ABS-CBN News.