Pakistani cab driver acquitted of kidnapping and attempted r**e of Pinay

(Photo Credit: WLWT)

DUBAI–Last Thursday, October 30, a UAE News site reported that a United Arab Emirates (UAE) court has cleared a taxi driver of charges filed against him.

This particular taxi driver was charged with kidnapping, attempted r**e and making criminal threats against a Filipina waitress earlier this year. Khaleej Times then reported that the Court of First Instance acquitted the cab driver in question of all the counts charged upon him.

A Pakistani driver aged 34 was accused of driving the 24-year-old Filipina waitress into a sandy area in Nad Al Sheba. The court records stated that the unfortunate incident took place last April 2 of this year. The cab driver allegedly made threats to the waitress that he would assault and end her life if she did not strip off her clothes.

On the day of the incident, the Filipina recounted that she was picked up by the cab driver in the Al Rafaa area where she instructed him to take her home. It was then that the passenger noticed that the driver took another direction and that he did not turn his meter on.

(Photo Credit: GMA News)
(Photo Credit: GMA News)

In the prosecution investigation, the Filipina stated, “I noticed that the taxi driver was taking a different route, then noticed that he did not have his meter on,” she said. “I asked him why, but he told me to keep quiet.”

The waitress reportedly said that the driver started screaming at her every time she asked him why he took a different route. She instinctively reached out for her mobile phone to ask for help, but he reportedly told her to turn it off.

The Abu Dhabi-based newspaper quoted her as she stated, “He then picked up an iron bar and threatened to beat me up with it if I called anyone. I got scared and on the way I asked him to buy me water from a petrol station I spotted, thinking that I could run away, but he refused to stop,” she added.

The driver kept driving until he reached the remote area where he asked the passenger to remove her clothes. However, when she refused to do so, the driver allegedly told her that he would k**l her if she did not do what he wanted.

Again, the Filipina reportedly asked him for water and the moment that he got distracted, she got off the car and ran. It was then that the Pakistani reportedly drove away.