Teacher uses ruler to attempt abortion on pregnant student he raped in classroom

When he learned that the student he repeatedly raped in his classroom is pregnant, David Depuydt used a ruler to attempt abortion; stopping only when she was already bleeding, reports Life News.

The family of the girl who was only identified with code name “Jane Doe” filed charges against the teacher last November 20 for the crimes he committed.

They also revealed how she received further attack from the other students after they learned of her situation.

R**e and abortion

According to WND Education, Depuydt became Jane Doe’s supervisor when she needed to attend community service for reasons not disclosed to the media.

It was in a school bathroom at Horizon Community Learning Center in Phoenix, Arizona, that he first raped Jane Doe.  The incident was repeated a couple of times, including inside his own classroom.

Photo credit: Fox10/LIfe News
Photo credit: Fox10/LIfe News

There were even several instances when the two were seen leaving the school bathroom together; sparking rumors across the school.

It was not clear why Jane Doe did not immediately report the incident, but the authorities believe the minor was afraid of Depuydt and also fearful of the stigma on r**e victims.

When the 16-year-old realized she was pregnant, she told Depuydt about it. Immediately, he took a metal ruler and inserted it inside her organ for the sole intent of aborting the fetus.

Distress and further a***e

After Depuydt was a******d, Horizon Executive Director Betsy Fera posted a bulletin on the community board, detailing the incidents and revealing the identity of Jane Doe to the students.

When news of the story broke out in the school, many of the students harassed Jane Doe.  Some male students also sexually assaulted her.

To try to solve the problem, the school finally moved her to other classes, but because these classes were objectively inferior classes where students are not given letter grades and homework, the transfer caused Jane Doe further distress and more a***e from the school body.

The student had no choice but to leave school and attend a new one where no one knew about her story and who she was.

The situation caused depression which led to an attempted suicide; thankfully, the family was able to intervene before it was too late.