This year has biggest toy sale in 4 years: Frozen, Lego toys on top of wishlist

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This Christmas appears to be the biggest year for toy sales in four years and the list of must-have toys have been released; so parents have been warned.

The must-have list of toys include the popular do-it-yourself loom bands, Panini stickers, Lego figures and themed toys from Disney’s hit movie, Frozen.

These items are sending children and parents to the stores and causing a commotion in sales.

In Europe, the sales of toys, especially in Britain have gone up by 6 percent from the previous year and it is predicted to go higher as the Christmas season draws nearer. It has been the best rate since 2010 for the toy industry.

Also on the top-ranked list are Bop It! Beats which combine the original game with songs from popular musical artists, Little Live Pets Bird Cage, and the ever consistently famous Nerf guns, the Demolisher 2-in-1. This also includes the Lego Movie spaceship.

There is a certain mix of the old and new, the modern and the traditional, that is pleasing to manufacturers and toy supporters. Gary Grant, committee chairman of Dream Toys, noted this.

“It’s great to see creative and sharing toys sitting alongside more traditional toys or toys that facilitate a bit of rough and tumble. And with nearly half the list priced under £25, it is relevant for all consumers this Christmas. All of the toys on this list will undoubtedly get more popular this Christmas, so our advice is to shop early to avoid disappointment,” he said.

There is a consistent pattern that marketers and analysts are noticing. Children continue to have an interest in interactive and web connected toys. Sales are growing strong in categories such as building sets and arts and crafts. These are classical categories but are surprisingly doing well. There is said to be a high anticipation for these items.

Additionally, affordable, collectible toys such as the Lego mini figures and the Panini stickers are also gaining momentum in sales. They allude this to impulse-buying and the good for value appeal.

It is no surprise that toys from the Disney’s hit animated film, Frozen, is still topping the charts on the toy list. What may come as a surprise is the sales are larger than from the film’s initial year of release. Toys featuring the lead characters of the film are three of the top 10 sellers.

Reports say that they predict a further increase in spending on toys this December. They think that sales could possibly increase to more than £3 billion.