Trillanes reveals “real reason” why Binay backed out of debate

Photo Credit: Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines—Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, reacting to Vice President Jejomar Binay’s cancellation of their planned November 27 debate, said he wasn’t at all surprised by this turn of events.

According to the senator, the real reason why Binay backed out of their debate is because he feared the former would reveal his part in the conspiracy to remove then-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo during the Manila Peninsula Siege back in 2007.

“Itong nangyaring pag-atras niya at pagbitaw niya sa kaniyang salita ay hindi bago sa akin. Kung maaalala ‘nyo ‘yung Manila Pen incident noong 2007, kasama po si Vice President Binay sa pagplaplano nito.”

(His decision to renege on his word is nothing new to me. If you remember the Manila Pen incident in 2007, Vice President Binay was among those who planned it.)

Photo Credit: Philippine daily Inquirer
Photo Credit: Philippine Daily Inquirer

He remembered how Binay, then sitting as the mayor of Makati and an opposition leader, allowed him and his fellow plotters the use of Makati City Hall to store their weapons. He also promised him a huge crowd to support them. Unfortunately they never came and the coup fizzled out, he said.

He added that if it weren’t for the presence of the media, many of his men could have died that day.

The truth, Trillanes pointed out, would be hard to destroy even for a lawyer of Binay’s caliber; hence, why he is backing out.

However, Binay spokesman Joey Salgado said Trillanes is a liar who is just attempting the revise the real events of the Manila Pen Siege which ended miserably.

“The senator should stop blaming the Vice President for his failure as a mutineer,” he said.

Tensions have been brewing between Trillanes and Binay after the senator started a Senate inquiry into the alleged ill-gotten wealth acquired by Binay when he was still mayor of Makati.

In 2007, however, both men had been leading the opposition against President Arroyo.