Viral: Hospital video showing lungfish being removed from man’s bowel

Photo Credit: Medical Daily

LONDRINA, Brazil – It might be one of the strangest news one will hear, where a South American lungfish reportedly made way into a Brazilian man’s anus; where the fish used his bowel as a temporary abode.

Making his predicament worse, the big fish refused to come out resulting him to seek professional help.

Unfortunately, his case was exposed in the internet and had to be surgically removed alongside with a bunch of giggling nurses.

It is not known how the giant lungfish, which usually lives in swamps and slow-moving waters, found its way deep in to the man’s anus. However, it is evident that it found the place comfortable and conducive to its living condition, as it was still alive after it was surgically removed.

Live Leak reported that after realizing that he had no choice but to get the big fish surgically removed by experts, the man approached the Hospital Universitário (University Hospital) in Londrina, Brazil.

The video started circulating in the internet, and many of the netizens felt badly for the man as most believed that even the surgical team, who dealt with the task at hand, weren’t professional enough to refrain from laughing over the man’s dilemma. Reports said that the man never agreed for his video to be taken while undergoing the operation.

During the surgery which was recorded in an amateur video, the nurses can be heard laughing, wherein a female voice can be heard taking exceptional happiness at the Brazilian man’s predicament.

Photo Credit: CDN
Photo Credit: CDN

Gasps can be heard towards the end of the surgery, as the still alive and moving giant lungfish gets pulled out of the man’s anus. The video also captured many of the onlookers filming the procedure on their phones. Reports said that the fish was euthanized after getting pulled out.

The video of the unidentified man from Londrina in Brazil and his surgery have now become viral since its appearance on LiveLeak. The extremely graphic video was initially posted to Best Gore.

This is not the first time a fish was lodged in a man’s anus. Back in 2013, a report done by The Sun shared a Chinese man from the south eastern province of Guangdong was admitted to a local hospital after he inserted a live, 20-inch-long eel into his anus.

The man was reportedly trying to recreate a scene from a porn movie he saw. As a result, he had to undergo an overnight surgery to have the fish extracted.

For those who are brave enough to view the graphic video, watch it here. Viewer discretion is advised.