Viral Video: Man discreetly steals woman’s phone by stepping on it after fatal train accident

Photo Credit: Washington Times

BOSTON, Massachusetts – A surveillance video, showing a man stealing a woman’s phone just seconds after she was fatally struck by a subway train, had angered many netizens after it was circulated on the internet.

Josue Gonzalez, 26 years old and from Brockton, Massachusetts, was seen on surveillance video covering his mouth in shock as the train smashed into the victim at Boston’s Downtown Crossing station last Thursday night.

However, shocked as he was, Gonzales also positioned his foot over the woman’s cellphone which had flown out of her purse and landed on the platform upon impact.

After a few seconds, and after checking whether anyone was looking, he slowly bent down to pick up the device which was enclosed in an orange case, while some people rushed over to the scene. Gonzalez then slid the phone into his pocket and walked off the platform casually.

According to prosecutors, the man’s action when he covered the phone with his foot and looked around to see if anyone was watching, shows a deliberate attempt to steal the item.

However, the defendant’s attorney claimed that his client did not mean to break the law and there was ‘no criminal intent’ behind his actions.

Photo Credit: Turtle Boy Sport
Photo Credit: Turtle Boy Sport

Gonzalez, who reportedly works for an International House of Pancakes restaurant, appeared at Boston Municipal Court on Monday. He pleaded not guilty to larceny charges filed against him. The Boston Globe reported that Gonzalez was seen wearing sunglasses and a hat, and he said nothing to reporters as he was released on personal recognizance.

Few days ago, following the fatal collision that k****d the victim, the Transit Police released the shocking footage of Gonzalez from the station’s surveillance cameras. The Transit Police asked the public for help in identifying the suspect.

WCVB reported that the video quickly went viral online, with many social media users condemning the man for his ‘heartless’ and ‘sly’ actions.

“Ninety-nine percent of all of the other people were concerned about what happened, running to the end of the train to see if they could help. This gentleman had a different idea,” said Lieutenant Richard Sullivan of Transit Police.

Photo Credit: Boston Herald
Photo Credit: Boston Herald

CBS Boston confirmed that Gonzalez turned himself to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Police Headquarters last Friday, and returned the cellphone at the same time. He will be called to court again on January 28.

The woman who died in the accident has not yet been identified, but authorities confirmed that her d***h is not being considered suspicious.

Watch the surveillance video here: